Angeles City Legislative Information System
Ordinance Number: 307
Series: 2012
Author: Rivera, Bonifacio, Aguas, Indiongco and Morales
Approved Date: March 27, 2012

Ordinance No. 307
Series of 2012

         WHEREAS, the Sangguniang Panlungsod, as the legislative body of the city shall enact ordinances intended to promote the general welfare of the city and its inhabitants which in Paragraph 1, sub paragraph II and Paragraph 5, sub paragraph V and VI under Section 458 of the Local Government Code provides:


  1. Approve ordinances and pass resolutions necessary for an efficient and effective city government, and in this connection shall:


(ii) Maintain peace and order by enacting measures to prevent and suppress lawlessness, disorder, riot. Violence, rebellion or sedition and impose penalties for the violation of said ordinances.


(5) Approve ordinances which shall ensure the efficient and effective delivery of the basic services and facilities as provided for under Section 17 of this code, and in addition to said services and facilities, shall:


(v) Regulate the use of streets, avenues, alleys, sidewalks, bridges, parks and other public places and approve the construction, improvement, repair and maintenance of the same; establish bus and vehicle stops and terminals or regulate the use of the same by privately-owned vehicles which serve the public; regulate garages and the operation of conveyances for hire; designate stands to be occupied by public vehicles when not in use, regulate the putting up of signs, signposts, awnings and awning posts on the streets; and provide for the lighting, cleaning and sprinkling of streets and public places;


(vi) Regulate traffic on all streets and bridges, prohibit encroachments of obstacles thereon and, when necessary in the interest of public welfare, authorize the removal of encroachments and illegal constructions in public places.


         WHEREAS, Republic Act No. 4136 otherwise known as the Land Transportation and Traffic Code was enacted on June 4, 1964 which is a statute enacted for the purpose of controlling the registration and operation of motor vehicles including the licensing of owners, dealers, conductors, drivers and  the implementation and use of standard specification of traffic signs and symbols, road markings and other related traffic rules and regulation and similar matters;


         WHEREAS, under Section 10 of the Letter of Instructions No. 1482 – Directing the Legalization of “COLORUM” Motorized Tricycles states that;


               SECTION 10. Limits of Operations. Generally, tricycles are authorized to operate on any road within the municipality. However, they are prohibited to operate along the national highway or on any road which allows maximum speed of more than 40 KPH, especially on well paved, high speed roads, unless special tricycles/bicycles lanes on the shoulder are provided, except to cross.


         WHEREAS, RA10084 provides that no driver of a single motorcycle driver may drive without a helmet;


Section 1. TITLE – This ordinance shall be known as the TRAFFIC CODE OF ANGELES CITY.


Section 2. SCOPE OF ORDINANCE – The provisions of this code shall be applied to the following,


2.a. Drivers of motor vehicles, whether private owned or public utility;


2.b. Drivers of animal-drawn vehicles and manually operated vehicles or carriage;


2.c. Owners and/or operators of motor vehicle;


2.d. Associations or organizations of drivers, owners and/or operators of motor vehicles or animal-drawn vehicles;


2.e. Pedestrian, passengers and other persons whose business or occupation is connected, either directly or indirectly with the conduct of motor vehicles, roads or streets; and


2.f.  Motor vehicles, animal-drawn vehicles, manually operated carts, carriage, stands or any form of vehicles or conveyance which travels or occupies any portion of the road or street.


Section 3. DEFINITION OF TERMS – the following terms shall be understood in the sense indicated hereunder:


3.a. “ACTMB” Angeles City Traffic Management Board also mean the BOARD;


3.b. “ACTEIO” Angeles City Traffic Education and Information Office;


3.c. “ACTEO” Angeles City Traffic Engineering Office;


3.d. “ACTEMO” Angeles City Traffic Enforcement and Management Office;


3.e. “City Limit Vehicles” are type of public utility vehicles plying exclusively within the routes of Angeles City;


3.f. “Colorum” is a private vehicle operated for public utility purposes without the benefit of a valid and existing special permit, provisional authority or franchise;

3.g. “Drivers” includes all persons driving a motor vehicle, animal-drawn vehicles, carriage, stand, push cart and other similar vehicles;


3.h. “Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association in Angeles City” is the federation of jeepney operators and drivers associations operating within the city limit;

3.i. “Illegally Parked Vehicles” – refer to those which are parked (attended  or unattended in areas prohibited by this Ordinance for parking purposes or those designated by the Traffic Enforcement Group (TEG) as “No Parking” areas or zones;


3.j. “Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit (MTOP)” is the document granting a franchise or license to operate issued to a person, natural or juridical, allowing him/her/it to operate a tricycle-for-hire over route specified herein;


3.k. “Motor Vehicles” are all vehicles using public or private roads, streets, alleys, highways, thoroughfares, avenues, exits and all forms of passages, if propelled by motor engine other than muscular power. “Animal-drawn vehicles” are those moved or mobilized by muscular power;

      3.l. “Moving Traffic Violations” refers to infraction of traffic rules and regulations committed by the driver/operator, e.g. no parking, no loading/unloading and other obstruction to the traffic flow;


3.m. “Non-Moving Traffic Violations” refers to infraction of traffic rules and regulations on the use of motor vehicle, particularly public transportation such as but not limited to Colorum, out of line, no Mayor’s Permit, color scheme, body number, panel route, road worthiness of the motor vehicle and other similar violations.;


3.n. “Owner and/or Operator” is one who owns a vehicle whether or not it is registered under his name or who gives commends or directions to such vehicles;


3.o. “Outside City Limit Vehicles” refer to all public utility vehicles with point of origin outside Angeles City jurisdiction.


3.p. “Parking” a motor vehicle or any vehicle is said to be parked when it is brought to a stop and it remains inactive in that place for a period of at least 15 minutes;


3.q. “Passenger” is any person who rides or boards in a motor vehicle or in any conveyance whether he pays or not;


3.r.  “Pedestrian” is any person who walks, crosses, or travels on a road, street or the like;

3.s. “Pick-up area”  an area where a motorized tricycle temporarily waits for passengers which is not the designated terminal.


3.t. “Special Trip” – a trip from one zone to another zone


3.u. “Stalled Vehicle “ – refer to any motor vehicle and its attachment which for any cause is unable to proceed under its own motive power and is on a public, street or thoroughfare in Angeles City. 


3.v. “Tricycle-for-hire” is a motor vehicle composed of a motorcycle fitted with a single wheeled sidecar or a motorcycle with a two wheel cab operated for transport services to the general public for a fee;


      3.w. “Towing”  is the removal of a private/public motor vehicle, such as jeepneys, mini-buses, motor cycles, tricycles, trucks, cars and the like;


3.x. “Zone” is a contiguous land area such as a barangay or a municipality, where a tricycle-for-hire may operate without a fixed origin and destination. These shall be from Zones 1,2,3,4 and 5 only.


Section 4. CREATION OF THE ANGELES CITY TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT BOARD (ACTMB) - There shall be a policy making body which shall enact/approve guidelines, rules, and regulation for the effective implementation of the Traffic Code.  The body shall be known as the ANGELES CITY TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT BOARD (ACTMB) which shall be composed of the following:


   4.a.  Composition


           Chairman                - City Mayor  

Vice Chairman      - Chairman on Public Transportation and Utilities, SP

Members               - Chairman of Peace and Order, SP

- Chief, Public Transportation and Regulatory Office

                                          - Chief, Angeles City Traffic Enforcement & Management Office

                                          - City Director, Angeles City Police Office

                                          - City Planning and Development Coordinator

                                          - City Engineer

                                          - Representative from the Accredited Federation of Public

                                                      Utility Jeepneys and Motorized Tricycles Association


      4.b.  Powers, Duties and Functions of the ACTMB


                4.b.1.  Enact policies and guidelines with respect to the determination of location and placement/installation of signages, such as: No Parking Zone, One Way Street, Loading and Unloading Bay, Traffic/Road Signs and Markings, Traffic Lights and other Signals;


    4.b.2. Determine when and where to open line and route for Public Utility Jeepneys, School Shuttle Service, Mini Buses and other public utility vehicles other than Motorized Tricycles and recommend the same to the Sangguniang Panlungsod; 


   4.b.3.  Regulate the entry of trucks and / or enact policies and regulations regarding Truck Ban.


                4.b.4.  Recommend to the Sangguniang Panlungsod the increase in number of MTOP  to be issued in a three- year policy based on City Ordinance No. 296, Series of 2011;


    4.b.5. To fix the amount of fines for the violation of the prohibited acts as stated under Section 12 of this ordinance.


    4.b.6. Enact policies and guidelines which shall implement the Motor Vehicles Volume Reduction Scheme either by Color Coding or Odd-Even Scheme to improve further the traffic flow in the city;


   4.b.7.  Determine the amount of storage fee per day for all impounded motor vehicles;


               4.b.8 Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law.


         4.c. Meetings - The ACTMB shall regularly meet once a month.  The Chairman, may however, hold special meeting at his discretion.


4.d.  Review Policies of the ACTMB.  The Sangguniang Panlungsod has the power to review, revise or approved or disapproved the policies within 15 days.  Inaction shall result to an automatic approval.


  4.d.1. All executive orders, resolutions and decisions passed and approved by the ACTMB are subject to review, alteration and nullification by the Sangguniang Panlungsod.


4.e. Subdivision Offices – There shall be three (3) subdivision offices, these are:


  4.e.1. Angeles City Traffic Registration, Education and Information Office (ACTREIO) – The   PTRO shall be the office which shall perform the following duties and functions;


  1. In coordination with the Traffic Engineers and Traffic Enforcers, make study and propose to the Board the closing and or opening of road/streets, one way system, left turn, right turn and U-turn to ease-up the flow of traffic;
  2. Conducts seminars/trainings and information drive on traffic rules and regulations;
  3. Serves as the Public Transportation Registration Office which shall keep records of all PUV terminals, Lists of Association Officers and Members, Franchises/MTOP, as well as its Financial Reports;
  4. Deputize to enforce rules and regulations as stated in this Code such as the prohibited acts especially the “non-moving violations” and shall impose penalty when necessary;
  5. Perform such other duties and functions as assign by the ACTMB or as required by law.


   4.e.2. Angeles City Traffic Engineering Office (ACTEO) – The ACTEO shall have the following functions, duties and responsibilities:


  1. Implement road markings and installation of road/street signage as well as traffic lights duly approved by the Board;
  2. Clearing of road/street obstacles and unnecessary/unauthorized structures that hinder the smooth flow of traffic;
  3. Implement towing and impounding of stalled, abandoned and illegally parked motor vehicles;
  4. Make study and design of terminals facilities including urinals and other amenities;
  5. Make design of loading and unloading bays with waiting shed and proper markings;
  6. Perform such other duties and functions as assigned by the Board or as required by laws;
  7. Conducts study and recommend to the board on which streets/roads to be widened.
  8. Other similar engineering works;


4.e.3. Angeles City Traffic Enforcement and Management Office (ACTEMO) – The ACTEMO shall have the powers, functions, duties and responsibilities:  These are:


  1. Implement the traffic rules and regulations in Angeles City;
  2. Regulate and manage the smooth flow of traffic in the entire city;
  3. Assist in  the towing of  illegally parked and abandoned public and private motor vehicles;
  4. Apprehend violations of Section 12 of this code;
  5. Perform such other duties and functions as assigned by the ACTMB or as provided for under the law.


           4.f.  Complaint and Action Center.  There shall be created an office under the PTRO, known as the Complaint and Action Center, whose specific task is to receive and validate complaints coming from riding public against erring drivers of public utility vehicles and traffic enforcers.  All validated complaints shall be endorsed to the City Legal officer for appropriate legal action.


Section 5. Outside City Limit Policy 


            5.a. It is prohibited for all Public Utility Vehicles operating outside the city limit of Angeles City to ply around the following major thoroughfares, from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., Monday to Friday, except holidays, to wit:


            5.a.1.  Mac Arthur Highway, from Balibago (Bayanihan Park) to Sto. Domingo


5.a.2.  Henson Street (Jake Gonzales Boulevard)

5.a.3   Miranda Street;

5.a.4.  Rizal Street;

5.a.5.  Magalang Road;

5.a.6.  Sto. Entierro Street;

5.a.7.  Sto. Rosario Street.


5.b. Exemptions. Only Public Utility Vehicles with emergency or special functions shall be exempted from the prohibitions hereof.


Section 6.  Common Terminal System


         6.a. There shall be established public transportation common terminals for the public utility vehicles in the five (5) sectors in Angeles City.  These are:


                 6.a.1. South Bound – Essel Park Common Public Terminal located at Barangay Telabastagan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga;


     6.a.2. North Bound – Bayanihan Park/SM Public Transport Terminal, Barangay Balibago, Angeles City;


     6.a.3. East Bound – Marquee Public Transport Common Terminal, Barangay Pulung Maragul, Angeles City and any other area designated by the Sangguniang Panlungsod.


    6.a.4. West Bound – Nepo Mart Complex;


                 6.a.5. Central Terminal – Within the vicinity of Pampang Public Market, Angeles City or to be determined by the Sangguniang Panlungsod



6.b. There shall be a total of 144 Motorized Tricycle Associations  with the same number of terminals in Angeles City, identified as follows: 


ZONE I: Barangays Cutud, Pulung Cacutud, Sapalibutad, Pulung Maragul &                             Balibago.

  1. ABATODA-  Abacan Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association
  2. BOTDA- Balibago Operators and Tricycle Drivers Association
  3. CBSNVTODA- Cutud Bagong Silang Northville TODA
  4. DIASTODA- Diamond Subdivision TODA
  5. DPETODA- Dona Paz Extension TODA
  6. JECCTODA- Johnny’s Elite Charley Charley TODA
  7. MNCHTODA- Marquee New City Hall TODA
  8. MOTDA- Mt. View Operators and Tricycle Drivers Association
  9. MVFSTODA- Mt. View First Street TODA
  11. PCERPVTODA- Pulung Cacutud EPZA Punta Verde TODA
  12. PULMARTODA- Pulung Maragul TODA
  13. SIPATODA- Sitio Pader  Balibago TODA
  14. SMVTODA- Sta. Maria Village TODA
  15. SPTODA- Sapalibutad TODA

ZONE II : Barangays Ninoy Aquino, Pandan, Sto. Cristo, Salapungan, Virgen Delos Remedios, Claro M. Recto, Lourdes Sur East, Tabun, Mining, Capaya I & II.

  1. AUFTODA- Angeles University Foundation TODA
  2. BTTODA- Barangay Tabun TODA
  3. CAMEGATODA-  Capaya Metrogate TODA
  4. CCPOTDA- Citicenter Pandan Operators of Tricycle and Drivers Association
  5. DAGTODA- DAGOHOL Street, Lourdes Sur East TODA
  7. FOTDA- Fajardo Street TODA
  8. HOTDA- Highway Operators and Tricycle Drivers Association
  9. MANATODA- Magnolia Nazarene TODA
  10. MHTODA- Marcos Highway TODA
  11. MITODA- Mining TODA
  13. NATDA- Ninoy Aquino Tricycle Driver’s Association
  14. PGTODA- Pandan Grotto TODA
  15. PTACHSTODA- Pandan Tabun Angeles City High School TODA
  16. RDGTODA- R. De Guzman TODA
  17. RECTODA- Claro M. Recto TODA
  18. REMTODA- Remedian TODA
  19. SATDA- Salapungan TODA
  20. SCMLQTODA- Sto. Cristo Manuel L. Quezon TODA
  21. SIPTODA- San Ignacio Pandan TODA
  22. SSTODA- Spring Side TODA
  23. VSTODA- Villasiete TODA
  24. DBSCTODA- Dona Belen Sto. Crtisto TODA


ZONE III : Lourdes Sur, Agapito Del Rosario, Pulung Bulu,  Sto. Domingo, Sto. Rosario & San Jose


1.ASTODA- Airland Supermarket TODA

  4. BPGTODA- Burgos Plaridel Gamboa TODA
  5. BPTODA- Burgos Plaridel TODA
  8. EPTDAI- Essel Park TODA, Inc.
  9. HAU VT TODA- Holy Angel University Villa Teresa TODA
  12. KPTODA- Kuliat Plasridel TODA
  13. L&S TODA- L&S TODA
  14. LAMITODA- Lakandula Miranda TODA
  15. LANETODA- Lakandula Nepomuceno
  16. LPTODA- La Pieta TODA
  17. MATDA- Montoya Amglo TODA
  18. NEMATODA- Nepomart TODA
  21. PBTODA- Pulungbulu TODA
  23. SANATODA- San Angelo TODA
  24. PNRTODA- Philippine National Railway TODA
  25. SDACTODAMART- Sto. Domingo Angeles City  TODA Mart
  26. SDACTODAPETRON- Sto. Domingo Angeles City TODA Petron
  27. SJFLATODA- San Jose F. Lazatin TODA
  28. SMACTODA- Sitio Manga Angeles City TODA
  29. SNPMTODA- San Nicolas Publci Market TODA
  31. SVMTODA- San Valley Mabatu TODA
  32. TJTODA- Torres Jesus TODA
  33. UCPBTODA- United Dodonut Planters Bank TODA
  34. VATODAI- Villa Angela TODA, Inc.
  35. V. ANGELINA TODA- Villa Angelina TODA
  36. V. GLORIA TODA- Villa Glora TODA
  37. VALHENTODA- Valdez Henson TODA
  38. VLTODA- Villa Leoncia TODA
  39. VTTODA- Villa Teresa TODA
  40. CDGVTODA- C. Dayrit G. Valdes TODA
  41. AD-REMTODA- Agapito del Rosario Remedian TODA


ZONE IV : Malabanias, Anunas, Amsic, Margot & Sapangbato.

  1. 1884  TODA

2. AMATODA- Amsic Anunas TODA

      3. AMP2TODA- Amsic  Plaridel 2 TODA

  1. ATDA- Anunas Tricycle Drives Association
  3. CAVTODA- Clark Avenue TODA
  4. COSTODA- Clark Oasis TODA
  5. SMCUEVASTODA- Shoe Mart Cuevas TODA
  6. EPTODA- Esperanza Pinbeda TODA
  8. HPTODA- Hensonville Plaza TODA
  10. LCMTODA- Lanzones Clark Malabanas TODA
  11. MARGOT TODA- Margot TODA
  12. P2FVTODA- Plaridel 2 Friendshop Villasol TODA
  13. PCMTODA- Plaridel I Clarkview Malabanas TODA
  14. SABATODA- Sapangbato TODA


ZONE V : Cuayan, Cutcut, Sta. Teresita, San Nicolas, Lourdes North West, Pampang &   Sta. Trinidad.

1.ACNHSTODA- Angeles City National High School TODA

2, ACPM  FRONT TODA- Angeles City Pampang Market Front TODA

  1. ACPM 1 TODA- Angeles City Pampang Market Phase I TODA
  2. ACPM 2 TODA- Angeles City Pampang Market Phase 2 TODA
  3. ACPM 3 TODA- Angeles City Pampang Market Phase 3 TODA
  4. ACPM 4 TODA- Angeles City Pampang Market Phase 4 TODA
  5. ACPM 5 TODA- Angeles City Pampang Market Phase 5 TODA
  6. ACPM TONY’S TODA- Angeles City Pampang Market Tony TODA
  8. BBTODA- Bagong Bayan TODA
  9. CATODA- Carmenville TODA
  10. CPTODA(PROPER)- Cutcut Proper TODA
  11. CUAYAN TODA- Cuayan TODA
  13. HFVTODA- Holy Family RODA
  14. HMBSTODA- Holy Mary Bagong Silang TODA
  15. KSFTODA- Kalayaan San Francisco TODA
  16. LNWTODA- Lourdes Northwest TODA
  17. MAPATODA- Malabanas Palace TODA
  18. N3TODA- Nepo 3 TODA
  19. NCTODA- Nepo Corazon TODA
  20. NSTODA- Nepo Sylvia TODA
  21. ONATODA- Ospital Ning Angeles TODA
  22. PCRTODA- Paradise Camia Road TODA
  23. RDRTODA- R.D Reyes TODA
  24. RETODAI- Rizal Extension TODA, Inc.
  25. ROTODA- Robin TODA
  27. SANMIGTODA- San Miguel TODA
  28. SFABTODA- San Francisco Arayat Boulevard TODA
  29. SFTODA- San Francisco TODA
  30. SOPTODA- Sto. Nino Old Pampang TODA
  31. SPTODA- St. Peter TODA
  32. STAMAL TODA- Sta. Teresita Araw Malansik TODA
  34. STATDA- Sta. Teresita Tricycle Drivers Association
  35. STPCTODA - Sta. Teresita Parish Church TODA
  36. STTODA- Sta. Trinidad TODA
  37. SVMETODA- Sunset Valley Mansion Extension TODA
  38. SRTODA- Sylvia Rosal TODA
  39. TPTODA- Timog Park TODA
  40. VPSFTODA- Villa Paz San Francisco TODA

        42.K-HERMINIASTODA- K-Herminias TODA


6..b.1. Such terminals shall no longer increase in number but could be lessen when necessary.

6.b.2. The location of terminals shall be not less than six (6) meters away from the corner of main streets/thoroughfares and not less than three (3) meters from the corner of secondary roads and streets.

6.b.3. Terminal Pick-up Areas may be established upon the recommendation of the Federation of Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association in Angeles City  upon the approval of the Angeles City Motorized Tricycle Franchising and Regulatory Board (ACMTFRB);

               6.b.4.  The establishment of sub-terminals is strictly prohibited.


         6.c.  Terminals of Public Utility Jeepneys, Mini Buses  and Tricycle Operators and Drivers Associations should have loading and unloading bays and urinals.  Such terminal facilities shall be designed by the Traffic Engineering Office  which should be within the perspective of the Angeles City’s tourism programs.






         7.a. Motorized Tricycles


              7.a.1. White    –   Zone I (Barangays Cutud, Pulung Cacutud, Saplibutad, Pulung

                                                              Maragul and Balibago

              7.a.2. Yellow  –   Zone II (Barangays Pandan, Tabun, Mining, Capaya, I & II, Salapungan, Sto. Cristo, Virgen delos Remedios, Claro M. Recto, Lourdes Sur East,  and

                                                Ninoy Aquino)

               7.a.3. Red      –   Zone III (Barangays

Principal Author
Rivera, Bonifacio, Aguas, Indiongco and Morales