Angeles City Legislative Information System
Ordinance Number: 406
Series: 2017
Author: Amos B. Rivera
Approved Date: February 21, 2017

Ordinance No. 406
Series of 2017

                                                (Introduced by Councilor Amos B. Rivera)


WHEREAS, Article XIV of the Philippine Constitution, Section 18.  (1) The State shall ensure equal access to cultural opportunities through the educational system, public or private cultural entities, scholarships, grants and other incentives, and community cultural centers, and other public venues. (2) The State shall encourage and support researches and studies on the arts and culture.”   

WHEREAS, Republic Act No. 7160, Section 16 asserts “…Within their respective territorial jurisdiction, local government units shall ensure and support, among other things, the preservation and enrichment of culture, xxx.”

WHEREAS, Republic Act No. 10066 Section 33 provides that the local government units are encouraged to incorporate programs and budgets for the conservation and preservation of cultural property in their environmental, educational and cultural activities.

WHEREAS, Angeles City has artists and cultural workers who have reaped national and international awards

NOW, THEREFORE, Be it ordained  by the SangguniangPanlungsod in session assembled that:

SECTION 1. Title. This Ordinance shall be known as the PupulningBanua Awards.

SECTION 2. Policy and Objectives. – .  The city government hereby reiterates the policy of the State to preserve and promote its arts whether visual, performing, or literary, for their cultural value, and to honor and support artists for their contribution to the national heritage by ensuring that the artistic skills which they have painstakingly cultivated and preserved are encouraged and passed on to future generations of Filipinos.

The objectives of this Ordinance shall be as follows:

1 ) to recognize Angeleno artists and cultural workers who have brought pride for Angeles City in the Philippine and the world

2) to create opportunities forAngeleno artists in popularizing their works locally and internationally

3) to inspire other artists specially the youth to aim for excellence in arts and culture 

SECTION 3. Definition of Terms. – For the purposes of this ordinance the following definition of terms shall be used:

“PupulningBanua” literally means “harvest of the year” but could also mean “harvest from heaven”  which shall refer to an annual celebration of Angeleno talent and ingenuity that has been awarded, honored or recognized  nationally or internationally.

“Candidate” shall refer to an artist or cultural worker (individual or group) that has been awarded, honored or recognized by a national or international award-giving body

“Awardee” shall refer to a candidate which has unanimously been conferred by a panel of experts after a deliberation based on the satisfaction of the criteria and qualifications given.  

SECTION 4. Implementing Agency. – The Angeles City Tourism Office (ACTO), through its  Heritage and Culture Officer shall be responsible in:

  1. choosing the panel of experts who will candidates to be awarded
  2. providing coordinative, secretarial, clerical, custodial and other logistical services
  3. conceptualizing, implementing and evaluating an appropriate program for the PupulningBanuaAwards night;
  4. to generate funds, receive, take and hold donations from foreign or domestic sources, either absolutely or in trust for any of its purposes, any asset or grant, subject to such limitations as are provided in existing laws and regulations

SECTION 5. Criteria and Qualifications. – To become a PupulningBanua awardee, the candidate must satisfy the following minimum criteria:

  1. The candidate must be an awardee or was recognized for his outstanding performance in at least one of the following categories of art: Cinema/Broadcast Arts, Dance, Drama/Theatre, Literature, Music, Visual Arts, Culinary Arts, Fashion & Beauty, and Architecture & Allied Arts, or is a culture and heritage advocate.    
  2. The recognition must be from a reputable national or international award-giving body; the award given by the said body must be a top prize, but a lesser recognition may be considered depending on the high veracity of the award-giving body. 
  3. The award, honor or recognition was given in the year prior to the particular PupulningBanua Awarding Ceremonies.
  4. The candidate must be residing, or have resided, or was born in Angeles, or borne of Angeleno parent/s. 
  5. As a precious treasure of the community, the candidate must command the respect and admiration of the community for his character and integrity

A group may be awarded even if individual members are not all from Angeles as long as the group that was awarded / recognized represented Angeles City. An individual who is part of a non-Angeles based group shall be awarded as an individual.

“KaantabekengAsikan” Award – this honorary award given during the PupulningBanua Awards Night shall be given to an elite individual or group who does not satisfy all the criteria and qualifications of the PupulningBanua Awards but has contributed immensely to the arts and culture of Angeles, and/or brought honor and prestige to Angeles City. 

                    The implementing agency may require additional criteria and qualifications in pursuance of the purposes of this Ordinance.

SECTION 6.Call for Nomination  - A candidate/s may file his/her/their application for the PupulningBanua Awards to the Implementing Agency which  is the Angeles City Tourism Office (ACTO), through its  Heritage and Culture Officer.  Any third party individual or organization may also file for or in behalf of the candidate. Submission of application may be anytime during the year while the deadline shall be December 31 of the qualifying year.


The selection process and deliberation shall be on or before the 7th of February of the year the awards shall be given.

SECTION 7.Panels of Experts

                  A candidate may be given a PupulningBanua Award after he/she/they has/have been unanimously conferred by a panel of experts after a deliberation based on the satisfaction of the criteria and qualifications as stated in this ordinance. The decision/s of the said panel is final and irrevocable.

  • To assist ACTO in a thorough search for and fair selection of the awardees, the composition of the panels of experts may include, but not limited to, a representative from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts; the City Chief Executive who is also the Chairman of the Culture and Arts Council of Angeles or his/her representative; the chairman of the committee on Culture and Arts of the SangguniangPanlungsod;  the Angeles City Tourism Officer; the Culture and Arts Council of Angeles Executive Director; the Tourism Council Executive Director; a member of the academe; and the City Information Officer.

SECTION 8.Award and other Incentive. – The award is given out yearly as a culmination to the celebration of National Arts Month. The awards night shall be on the last week of February. 

The Awardees shall each receive plaque and/or trophy to commemorative this special recognition. Further, sample of the award-winning piece/work by the awardee shall be catalogued and photographed (if possible), and shall be published for the appreciation of the general public. 

                 A monetary grant shall be given whenever circumstances so warrant provided that the grant shall not be given retroactive effect.


SECTION 9. Appropriations. - A budget of at least P500,000 from the General Fund of the City shall be appropriated annually under the Angeles City Tourism Office/Office of the Mayor for the implementation of this program.  Such budget may be increased or augmented as necessary, subject to an appropriation ordinance.

SECTION 10. Repealing Clause. – All laws, issuances, decrees, or any part or parts thereof inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are deemed amended or repealed accordingly.

SECTION 11. Effectivity Clause. – This Ordinance shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation.

Principal Author
Amos B. Rivera